Upper 50 entered briards we can got the CAC titels by color and class!
It necessary to entry
17 briards more only!!!

Don't forget to send the necessary documents to your entry onto the e-mail address!

Don't forget, in the second entry deadline (to 30th of April) the following entry fees are apply:


in the 2th entry deadline - to 30th of April:


Breeding test Clubshow

1th dog + catalog

 50 Eur  50 Eur  50 Eur

from 2th dog

40 Eur   40 Eur
  Minor Puppy, Puppy, Honour, Veteran classes 35 Eur   35 Eur

Administration fee on place

*Over the 2th entry fees:

 10 Eur    


Account number: Budapest Bank 10102237-15251900-01001007
IBAN: HU96 10102237-15251900-01001007


The documents necessery to send with the entry:

The documents you need to send onto the e-mail address)

The copy of the pedigree written onto the owner's name.

In working class: the copy of the FCI working certification.

In Champion or Honour classes: the copy of the certification of the FCI International or National beauty champion titel. The Junior Champion titel isn't allowed for these classes.

The copy of te passport with the vaccination (its enough in the 2th deadline).

The copy of the payment certification.